My inspiration for Joyful Creative Movement  started when I first attended my first Nia class in 2008.  I instantly felt a connection to a movement which freed my body, mind and emotions stirring in me a feeling of exhilaration, rejuvenation and relaxation, while moving to uplifting music. Nia gave me the opportunity to explore my creativity, sensing a passion and aliveness that I had not felt for years.

Nia has taught me to explore my body’s amazing potential, power and grace awakening a desire in me to teach myself, and bring the Nia experience to others in my community.

Through my movement journey  I have  since discovered other holistic movement practices which include, Tai Chi Qi Gong, Chi ball moves, Mindful Movement and Ageless Grace

My passion is  for people to embrace and connect to these therapeutic movements which are natural to the body,s design.  The movements are creative, and body centred connecting  you to a path of self healing and transformation,  experiencing physical, mental and  emotional wellbeing while connecting the Joy Of Movement.

I bring to my movement classes enthusiasm! passion! and energy , innovative creativity and Joy. I want to help others  reclaim their body’s natural way of moving, allowing for them to discover their connection to their unique body and breath discovering the magic of self healing in all realms as well as the joy of relaxation  awareness, mindfulness, and true inspiration.

Angela - in class