“I am a lady in my 70’s…..exercise gyms aren’t for me, however ‘Ageless Grace” is the perfect answer and makes you feel just that ‘age-less’.

Angela is my inspiration to my GREAT health with the exercises and fun I have doing this…thank you Angela.”


“Through Angela’s Nia classes I have found freedom, joy and exhilaration in movement that I had never previously experienced. The combination of dance, martial arts and healing arts to the backdrop of stimulating music has improved my physical fitness, awakened a love of dancing, and given me greater confidence and self awareness. Angela is a warm, caring and open hearted teacher who brings fun and joy to all her classes. I am most grateful for the changes she has brought to my life and I feel very privileged to be part of the Nia Community.”


I love Angela and her classes!  She exudes such warmth, enthusiasm, generosity and fun.  Her passion for movement motivates her to continually explore practices and tools to enrich her sessions.  Over the last 3 years since finding out about Angela, I have enjoyed her Nia Dance, Ageless Grace, and Mindful Movement classes, as well as her Friday night fun dance nights.  She welcomes everyone with open arms and big smiles on any occasion.  People comment to each other on how Angela creates a wonderful environment and community.  Even though I have relocated 2 hours away and I can’t continue going to Angela’s classes each week unfortunately, I always fit in her Friday night or Saturday morning class on my frequent weekends back to Melbourne.  After participating in Angela’s classes I was so inspired that I undertook the training to teach Nia Dance and Ageless Grace in my new location, Anglesea.  I really recommend Angela’s classes – try one, try them all, you’ll be so glad you did!